Types of Humor

Humor is subjective, not everybody laughs at the same things, but fortunately humor is a complex and ever evolving organism that has a specific niche, flavor and laugh for all different tastes and types

To categorize humor into different boxes seems a silly thing to do, but as silly is the name of the game in comedy here are a few samplings of some of the varied and different styles of hilarity and funniness that exists in the world


eggs laugh

Affiliative humor brings people together, it’s something that everyone can laugh at. These are jokes about everyday things that most humans on a broad spectrum can relate to. This is done to be inclusive and create laughter and bondingJew_jokes

Aggressive humor looks to use ‘put downs’ or insults on specific groups or individuals. Often employed by bullies or abusers of power

Self-enhancing humor has the joke teller laugh at themselves and their troubles in an inclusive and relatable way

Self-defeating humor or self-deprecating humor has the joker teller using insults on themselves as a way to put themselves down. Sometimes employed by those who are on the receiving end of aggressive humor

marx brosFarce includes exaggerations and improbable situations. Absurdity, nonsense and physical gags are often used. Historically this has been used by those without power to mock or make commentary on those with power

Satire uses irony or mockery to expose and comment on human shortcomings and follies, particularly on those of the political or powerful nature. Satire acts as a social commentary that has the possibility to be a catalyst for positive improvement

Gallows humor is focused on unpleasant or painful events. Serious situations handled in a light or humorous manner. Gallows or ‘Dark’ humor is often looked at as a response to a seemingly hopeless situationladies laugh

Slapstick comedy is extremely physical, using physicality and body movement as its main form of communication

Parody takes an original idea and mocks or makes light of it using a variety of methods, including word play and genre bending. It is often excessive and exaggerated for comedic effect

Dry humor is often referred to as ‘Deadpan’ humor. This is achieved by something funny being said or done by in an unfunny way. The humor is often implied here rather than explicit


Wanna see what your style of humor is?

Take this quiz and find out!

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